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OctoberMembership Meeting

Please join us on Thursday October 16. Watch for announcement of our program.

Independence Referendum - September 18

Join the Caledonian Society for a once in a generation opportunity to watch the live results come in for Scotland's referendum on Independence from the UK. We are meeting at 7:30 pm, Sept 18th in the back room of Rosie McCaffrey's Pub - 906 E. Camelback, Phoenix.

There will be food and drink avaialable to purchase and a large screen TV to watch the polling results and eventual official result. There will be Scottish music playing, flags waving, great conversation with like-minded Brits, Scots & Irish.

Independence or not, it will be a fun night for all interested in Scottish culture and affairs. PUBLIC WELCOME

Come along - we'd love to see you all!

Membership Dues

Please support the activities of our Society by joining, or making sure your dues are current.

For the remainder of 2014 you may join for one-half the normal annual fee = Individual at $12.50 or family at $20.00.

In January, annual fees resume - $25 Single - $40 Family

It's easy to pay by Credit Card or PayPal - just jump to the Membership Page!

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