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Scottish Games : Dance
Highland Dancing

Right along with the ancient stories of daring warriors and master pipers, you will find dance as a crucial part of celebrations and ceremonies of the Highlands. Nothing can compare with the graceful power of a Highland dancer recalling a glorious victory.

Highland dancing is of military origin; some dances, such as the Highland Fling, date back to the time of the Roman occupation of ancient Caledonia. Once considered an athletic event, these solo dances of the Highland men were so vigorous that one had to be in top physical shape to perform them.

Most competitors today are female, but the remaining Scottish regiments are still represented by male dancers who continue to perform the traditional dances.

Scots Dancing Boy Girl in Ghillies

List of Dances

Highland Dances

* Pas de Basques
* Pas de Basques and Highcuts
* Highland Fling
* Sword Dance
* Seann Truibhas
* Strathspey and Highland Reel
* Strathspey and Half Tulloch
* Strathspey, Highland Reel and Half Tulloch
* Reel of Tulloch

National Dances

* Scottish Lilt
* Flora MacDonald's Fancy
* Wilt thou go to the barracks, Johnny?
* Highland Laddie (Hielan' Laddie)
* Blue Bonnets Over the Border
* Village Maid
* Scotch Measure (Twasome)
* Earl of Erroll
* The Cake Walk
* A Tribute to J.L. McKenzie
* Flowers oh Edinburgh
* Hebridean Laddie
* Tulloch Gorum
* Over the Water to Charlie
* The Dusty Miller

Character Dances

* Sailor's Hornpipe
* Irish jig

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Dance Chairperson

Janet Grant

602 509 1182 (Cell)

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