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Highland Games : Tartans, Clans and Genealogy
“Tartan” is cloth: most kilts are made of tartan. The tartan is one of the two great symbols of Scotland, along with the bagpipes. Each clan has a tartan, sometimes more than one member can be identified by the tartan they wear. In addition to clan and family tartans there are also tartans for districts and special organizations. At the Games you will see the official tartan of the United States Marine Corps along with the Arizona State Tartan. The Arizona State Tartan was officially recognized in December, 1995 by a proclamation by the Governor. Colors in the Arizona Tartan are green, tan, white, red, black, yellow, and azure, all significant to the state’s history. Many Arizona citizens were involved in creating this newest symbol of our State with the common goal of celebrating a part of our Scottish heritage.
Arizona Tartan Tartan Kilts
Arizona Tartan
Clan Tartans

While you are attending the Scottish Gathering & Highland Games this year, make it a point to visit the Clan tents. You will have no problem finding them. Look for brightly colored flags, tartans and banners flying. You’ll be as welcome as you can be and you will find many gracious and interested folks who will be more than happy to help you with any questions you might have.

The Scots and their descendants are extremely proud of their long and colorful history. If you have any Scottish ancestors you will almost certainly find your family name among the list in one of the Clan tents.

Active Clans in Arizona

* Clan Anderson
* Clan Bell
* Clan Blair
* Clan Brodie
* Clan Buchanan
* House of Burnett
* Clan Cameron
* Clan Campbell
* Clan Carnegie
* Clan Colquhoun
* Clan Davidson
* Clan Donald
* Clan Donnachaidh
* Clan Douglas
* Clan Elliott
* Clan Fergusson
* Clan Forsyth
* Clan Fraser
* House of Gordon
* Clan Graham
* Clan Grant
* Clan Gregor
* Clan Gunn
* Clan Hall
* Clan Hamilton
* Clan Hay
* Clan Hope of Craighall
* Clan Hunter
* Clan Johnston/e
* Clan Keith
* Clan Kincaid
* Clan Lockhart
* Clan MacAlister
* Clan McBain
* McBain of McBain
* Clan MacCallum-

* Clan MacDuff

To add or change the link to your Clan, please contact our Clans Chairman

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